We now start fresh with a new calendar.

What intention/ sankalpa have you set which will bring you the best life you can get?

Keep in mind that your intentions must be from a positive place for them to have a positive effect.

When your message reflects a negative feeling or emotion, it diminishes the chance of growth or change (ie: “I wish I could stop feeling angry about things”). What you are saying is that you feel angry a lot of the time and you have accepted it as being a part of you because you don’t know how to stop feeling that way but somehow you wish it could just stop. It is counterproductive. 

Instead, turn things around by making it come from a positive mindset (ie: “I will experience more compassion and happiness by finding 2 things to be grateful for every time I start feeling angry”). Now you are creating growth and change by acting upon the anger rising. By becoming aware, you are taking control.

What will it be for you? Take a pen and paper and write a few things that you’d like to experience more of in life. Select the top 2 or 3. Then find a small exercise (ie: say thank you every morning as you wake up; read a book about what you want; tick one thing off the list everyday; focus on your breath for 3 minutes everyday…) that doesn’t take long to easily incorporate into your routine. All you have to do to change and grow into a better you is to take action.

You are in charge of your life, no one else is.